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Welcome to my website. Come fly-fish the world with me!

I have been fascinated by fish all my life, and it all started like this: I was five years old sitting in the back of a small boat, my father and uncle were trolling with lures for (European) perch and pike on the local river. With a slight hum from the outboard motor we passed close by some reeds, my uncle hooked a perch and reeled it to the side of the boat. I was completely mesmerized and the moment has lodged itself in my memory forever. Later at the age of 14 I caught my first trout in a small stream on a fly rod, and embarked on a new magic journey. I have fly-fished in all kinds of beautiful places for wonderful fish; huge and weary brown trout in New Zealand, awesome Atlantic Salmon in Russia and Iceland, feisty Steelhead in North America, gracious grayling in the Balkans and my ‘local’ fish in Denmark– the superb sea trout in rivers and on the coast – just to name a few.

I have written articles and shot images for publications such as Chasing Silver, Atlantic Salmon Journal, Total Flyfisher, Fish&Fly, Fisch&Fliege, Fly&Tie, Fiskefeber and newspapers. This has sent me to worldwide destinations such as Argentina, Australia, the Bahamas, Bosnia, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Cuba, Greenland, Iceland, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Scotland, Sweden and USA.

For several years I worked as a camp manger on Russia’s Kola Peninsula on the rivers Ponoi and Umba chasing Atlantic Salmon with clients from all over the world.

Many of my articles and photos are displayed on this site.

I am based in Copenhagen, where I work as a busy translator and interpreter. Whenever the opportunity comes, I throw my fishing gear in the car and head for the coast to fly-fish for sea trout, the perfect medicine for a stressed ‘city slicker’. My profession has also led me to some interesting collaborations in the fly—fishing world translating books, catalogues and websites for fly-fishing personalities, fly-fishing travel agencies and tackle manufacturers.